A Hungarian tried to give $ 100 bribe to get his wife to Ukraine

Yesterday afternoon, a 35-year-old Hungarian citizen tried to solve a problem at the border with a bribe.

Going to enter Ukraine, along with his wife, also a Hungarian, he tried to ensure unhindered crossing of the border for her by giving $ 100 to the border guards of the "Tisa" crossing point. To this end, he put the bill in his passport and handed it to the border guards. The border guards reported the incident to the management.

In order to establish the circumstances and make a legal decision on possible signs of a crime envisaged in Article 369, Part 1 of the CCU, "Offer, promise or giving of unlawful benefit to an official", the border guards reported this incident to the Uzhgorod police department. Since the woman was not allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine, she had to return to Hungary, – the press service of the Chop border guard detachment reported.

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