A hundred dogs have been given in good hands

For 6 months, volunteers and activists of the youth social movement have been treating and trying to find new homes for stray dogs and cats. Recently, the initiators of the movement felt the necessity of a public organization. As a result, "Barbos" NGO was formed, which was presented today at the press center "Transcarpathia".
Chairman of "Barbos" NGO Iryna Azizyan said that initially volunteers were simply picking up the animals and trying to find new owners for them, but then they had the idea to create the social networking group where they would cover the activities of "Barbos". "The number of members in our groups grew rapidly. We quickly found people taking animals for temporary care. Some people helped financially. Our ultimate goal is to create a shelter for animals. That is why we decided to legitimize NGO", – said Irina.         

Today "Barbos" organization has several hundred supporters and 20 active members. But, according to the girl, there is no such thing as too much help, so anyone can become a member, or at least a volunteer of the organization. You can call directly to Irina on 066-488-04-80 or join one of the groups "Uzhgorod Society for Protection of Animals "Barbos" in the social network "Facebook" and "VKontakte". The activists are going to submit a grant and seek assistance from the city government for establishment of a shelter for animals.    According to the head of the organization, they are trying to win a grant to create a shelter. Also they are attracting sponsors who "are willing to give a lot of money."  As for financial reporting, Irina said that everything would be transparent and in accordance with all requirements.     Also Irina replied to the questions of the "Transcarpathia online" reader, why the newly established organization opposes other animal protection organizations. "We do not oppose anyone. Once we tried to cooperate, but then we realized that we have our own opinion on certain things, and it does not always coincide with theirs" – she said.  At the end, Iryna Azizyan told the story that members of the organization managed to find owners for a ten-year-old Pekinese, who had been thrown in the trash. This, she says, means that animals of any age can find a new home, and therefore one should not give up in any situation. 

Source: "Transcarpathia" press center

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