A giant pysanka was set up at Teatralna square in Uzhgorod

Huge Pysanka was settled on Teatralna Square. At around noon, employees of public utilities, who had previously prepared a metal holder for it, loaded pysanka out of the car and attached it to the new location.

Near the giant egg, decorated with colorful ornaments, passers-by already take pictures, children, who like a huge symbol of Easter too, tend to touch the egg. As the city mayor Viktor Pogorelov said, when wishing the citizens for Easter, he hopes that this Pysanka will please Uzhgorod citizens, giving the city Easter mood.

As it was previously reported, the egg with a length of about 3.5 meters, 2.5 meter wide and weighing over 250 kg was brought from Kyiv as a feature of the all-Ukrainian event, artists from the Creative workshop in ‘Padiun’ had been decorating it since Thursday.

The Easter egg will be in a central area of ​​the city until April 22, – informs the press service of the City Council, also recalling that at Teatralna Square video surveillance  was installed.


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