A German “left” at the Chop Customs over 1000 kilograms of pasta

The cause of the incident was the food not mentioned in the customs declaration and during oral questioning.

A German citizen drove a truck to the "Tisa" customs post of the Chop Customs Office loaded with "synthetic fabrics, synthetic sewing threads, plastic tape, fasteners and rotating containers", filled in a customs declaration, where he indicated his passport data, absence of foreign currency, personal belongings. During the oral interview, the citizen confirmed the information provided by him in the customs declaration, and denied the existence of any other goods, including those that are subject to a written declaration, or prohibited or restricted for transportation across the customs border of Ukraine.

 As a result of inspection of the truck, a customs inspector found on the floor of the cargo compartment food products not listed in the shipping documents and not mentioned by the German during oral questioning, namely, pasta dough products of foreign brands «Szarazteszt» and «Jarmiteszta Kft» in original packages of 250 g and 500 g, in total of 2298 packages and with total weight over 1040 kg.

The citizen of Germany confirmed that had bought the found food in Hungary for his own needs, was transporting it across the border in the cargo compartment of the vehicle and recognized it as his property. However, he did not declare in the prescribed manner accurate information about the goods moved across the customs border of Ukraine, which are limited to import and in such amounts are subject to a written declaration. According to Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the said actions contain signs of customs legislation. So the products being the direct object of violation of customs regulations, pursuant to Article 511 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, were confiscated.

The cost of the seized pasta is currently being determined by an expert.

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