A gentleman left his lady, without paying for a romantic dinner

The administrator of one of the pizzerias in Uzhgorod called the police.The unit of the State Security Service immediately arrived at the scene.

Inside, the policemen found a groggy woman who was behaving improperly, insulting the staff of the pizzeria.   The woman had to be taken to Uzhgorod city police station.

A friend invited 33-year-old unemployed Nataliya to dinner with the obvious romantic mood.    They had a good dinner, and some alcohol. But something did not suit the man. When they brought the check he went out as if to the bathroom. However, the gentleman decided not to return.

Nataliya was left with nothing: no man, nor money … She knew nothing of the man other than his first name. Deceived, and without money she directed all her frustration at the administrator of the house. He, in turn, pressed the alarm button and called the police.

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