A film about Bishop Theodore has been made

 Renowned author and playwright Dmytro Keshelya made a film about His Eminence Theodore, Archbishop of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod. It depicts modern aspects of spiritual life, unknown to public childhood and youth years of the bishop, and the inner world that is invisible to the public.

The decision to become a monk, it appears, was not easy and painless for the family. Yet the mother gave the child to the service of God. And, after her husband death, she took vows herself. It so happened that after that important event she was also cured of severe illness.

The film shows the mentors who taught the young man gospel truths. To express his gratitude and to share the found love with others he decided to publish multi-volume edition of the works by the father Vasyl Pronin.    The future Bishop matured in the walls of Mukachevo Orthodox monastery, which became the spiritual center of his life.  

The film is full of kindness, peacefulness, it is easy to remember with his parables and it returns faith to those who are lacking in strength. Nataliya Shpak, Svitlana Tomori, and Volodymyr Duda also worked on the film.


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