A drunk jealous man doused with gasoline and set fire to his wife

The incident occurred in the village of Zavidovo in Mukachevo district in quite a happy family. A 40-year-old man, having drunk alcohol, suddenly remembered some old grudges motivated by jealousy and decided to sort things out with his 37-year old wife. The verbal altercation eventually escalated into physical violence: the man tied his wife’s arms and legs, right in the house doused her with gasoline and set her on fire, reported "FAKTY".

When the woman began to burn like a torch, her husband, realizing what he had done, tried to extinguish the flame with a pillow. And when it did not work out he … escaped. The woman somehow managed to extinguish the fire by herself, after that she called an ambulance, which brought her in intensive care. The condition of the victim is critical, she was diagnosed with 2-3 degrees burns.

According to Mukachevo city and district police department, the man was arrested soon after that. Now the question of bringing him to criminal liability for intentional injuries is being considered.

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