A decoration made by Uzhgorod jewelers is in the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine


The ring "Bird" made by Uzhgorod jewelers, the Kochut brothers, has become a piece of history.

Recently, one of the pieces of jewelry was delivered to the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine.

Yuriy Kochut, who told the news, said that the ring would be "put on display for all Ukrainians to see. And to be honest, we are very happy that experts in this field appreciated our work, specifically one of our rings, that they decided that it was worthy to represent contemporary jewelry for future generations."

Recall tthat Uzhgorod jewelers Kochut brothers – Igor, Yuriy and Roman – managed to create one of the most recognizable jewelry brands not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Moving away from the traditional design, they managed to create a new style.


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