A Czech, that was importing foreign cars in Ukraine, was caught

At the Ukrainian-Hungarian border Chop inspectors once again recorded three customs offenses related to the illegal importation in Ukraine and disposal of prestigious cars by a citizen of Czech Republic. 

In such an illegal way, the foreigner tried to avoid paying customs fees and to save on the car scam almost four hundred thousand hryvnias.

First, the customs officers found out that the 46-year-old Czech was trying to import into the territory of our country a car "Audi A8" with forged documents. During the customs control he presented the inspectors the registration certificate for the car, registered for an Italian company, and 2 letters of authorization for operation of this car. The first one – from the Italian company, the second one – in Czech language, certified on 04.02.2013 by a Czech notary. However, customs officials have questioned the authenticity of the documents and legality of transportation of the vehicle across the border and sent the request to the notary’s office in Prague.

Soon they received an official reply, which stated that the authorization for the use of "Audi A8" had not been certified in Prague notary office.  As the foreigner admitted, a stranger had given him the keys and documents for the car to deliver it to Ukraine. So, a protocol under Article 483, Part 1 of the Customs Code of Ukraine was executed against the Czech citizen, the illegal foreign car, made in 2010, was seized until the court decision.

But as it turned out later, last year, this foreigner illegally imported two more cars. Having received the information from the unified automated information system of the Customs Service of Ukraine, customs officials found out that in September 2012, via the customs post "Tisa" of the Chop custom the man imported a car "LAND ROVER RANGE SPORT" and "forgot" to export it. According to official information received from the Ukrainian bureau of Interpol in Transcarpatian region, the SUV was listed as stolen in Italy.

According to the Czech, he imported the car into the customs territory of Ukraine at the request of an unknown person for the reward, which he received together with the keys and documents in the Czech capital.    The next month, via the checkpoint "Luzhanka" he illegally imported a car "Mercedes-Benz C220". Again using the simplified customs procedures in the "green corridor" at the customs station, the Czech without any effort imported the car, which he had to merely deliver together with the keys and documents to some strangers in Rakhiv.

So, for failure to export the cars and disposition thereof without permission of customs authorities, inspectors of the operations division of the Service to combat smuggling and customs violations of the Chop customs executed two protocols against the Czech under Article 469 Part 2 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.After the court judgment, the foreigner will have to pay a penalty for each car in the amount of 500 non-taxable minimum incomes. 

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