A curious theft in Mizhhirya

Some crimes may be really curious. Recently an entrepreneur V. reported to the Mizhhirya district police department that in the yard of the "Anna Maria" shop in the district center … a dummy had been robbed. In the absence of the shop assistant the dummy for displaying clothes suddenly remained without a men’s jacket. Local policemen quickly solved this funny crime and found the person who shamelessly in broad daylight in the center of the town had left the wretched "man" topless. It was a 36-year-old Belarusian S. Later it turned out that on that day the thief had also stolen a mobile phone from a patient in the District Hospital. The head of the staffing sector of the district police department Volodymyr Hoychuk does not exclude the version that the Belarusian may have committed more thefts, and asks victims to report of the disappearance of things to the police.

Novyny Zakarpattya

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