A child fell into a pit in the middle of the renovated Petofi Square: Mayor Andriyiv ​​commented on the incident



The boy’s mother told about the terrible incident.

Repair of this square began in 2016, almost 100 million hryvnias from the city budget has already been spent for repair works. And still the square is not fixed.

This time, the damage was limited to bruises, stress and a frightened mother. This is not the first time since the renovation of Petofi Square began. Last year, an elderly woman fell into an open manhole.

Social network users are actively discussing the incident. Most of them complain about the inaction of the authorities, which caused the delay of the repair works in the center of the Transcarpathian capital for years. Others find excuses for officials and the mayor.

The mayor of Uzhgorod Bohdan Andriyiv ​​also commented on the incident:

"It’s a ventilation grille. The day before, someone stole it, the Department of Municipal Economy reported it to law enforcement. Please be careful at the sites of ongoing repair works!", – Bohdan Andriyiv said.


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