A Chechen was tracked down and arrested in Transcarpathia

Last weekend, Chop border guards detained more offenders who were trying to illegally cross the border into the EU.

One night, about three o’clock, the technical means of ​​border protection in the area of the border post "Onoikvtsi" of the "Uzhgorod" unit tripped. As a result of the search measures taken, a response group with a search dog arrested yet another "European happiness seeker" near the state border with Slovakia the man reported that he was a citizen of the Russian Federation, a native of Chechnya, but he had no documents. The detainee was taken to the "Uzhgorod" Department of Border Guard Service to clarify the circumstances of the offense and make administrative and procedural documents.

Meanwhile, our 36-year-old compatriot heading to Hungary had the appropriate document for travel but watchful eye of an experienced inspector of the "Tisa" unit saw that it was fake. The woman presented the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, bu border guards noticed the signs of page replacement. Later, during the commission examination of the passport using appropriate hardware, the forgery was confirmed. For the attempt to illegally cross the border the woman may be fined up to 3,400 UAH.

Decision on the futher fate of all detainees will be taken by the court.

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