A charity auction “Buy a date – give a child a holiday” has been announced (Announcement)

On his page on Facebook Denys Man changes the name of the group "Buy a date – interesting people" to "Buy a date – give a child a holiday" and invites to take part in the annual charity auction of date that is conducted in this group. He writes: "We help kids experience the holiday, which they have not. Every penny will be spent as intended. And as always, a detailed financial report will be published on the group’s page.

We remind you about the terms of the auction: the starting price is 50 UAH; increment is 10 UAH.
 If you bid, be ready to pay."

"During six weeks, we will be accepting your applications for the participation in the charity auction of dates. The rules are simple: you send the administrator your application with a photo, we post it in our album, you share your photo with the description, and your friends buy a date with you for a cup of coffee or tea; the raised funds will be used to arrange a real holiday for orphans in 3 to 5 special institutions, to solve the important problem of the lack of proper conditions for children in boarding schools, as well as to make a number of children’s dreams come true.

The most important thing in this project is openness and willingness to help, as well as direct communication of our volunteers and children who do not have parents.

No politics, full trancparency and accountability, no inefficiently used resources – this what our campaign is about.

The start is on November 1!

Join the team of volunteers!

Being good is so easy!" – Denys Man wrote.

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