A brand new ‘Mercedes’ with fake documents was confiscated by Chop Customs Officials

Recently, the Chop customs officials registered the customs legislation violations of the Ukrainian ‘Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI’ in 2012, which costs 770 thousand hryvnia at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.

32-year old Romania citizen submitted the vehicle registration certificate and the right to use confirmation, issued by the Czech company during the customs control passage at the checkpoint ‘Diakove’.

However, the Chop customs officers decided to check the authenticity of issued documents by the notary and enterprise by contacting with an official request. Later on they received the letter in which the Czech company assured that did not give the right to use the mentioned vehicle and the Romania citizen is not an authorized driver of this company.

According to the Romanian, he was transporting the brand new foreign car for reward at the requests of his friend. The driver was supposed to pass the car and documents in the parking lot near the Lviv train station.

Therefore, the protocol on the customs regulation violations was written in respect of the diver by providing fake information on the vehicle to the customs officers in order to avoid the customs duties. The prestigious passenger car was removed until the court’s decision, – informs Viktoriia Sengetovska, the Chop customs press secretary.       

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