A branch of analytical center “Politics” opens in Uzhgorod which will monitor elections

In Uzhgorod a branch of the analytical center "Politics" for monitoring parliamentary election in Ukraine opens. It will be headed by Andriy Rebryk. This was announced at a press conference held today, October 15, at the press center "Transcarpathia", by the director of the analytical center "Politics" Mykola Davydyuk.

"Why did we choose your region? It is an interesting region, the division into constituencies was not fair. But, according to our research, it does not affect the results. Moreover – minorities began to vote as Ukrainians.
They analyze the program and do not vote for reasons of a candidate’s ethnicity, which is good, says Mr. Mykola. – It is also interesting that the debate between political parties is not concentrated on Tymoshenko. Here people are more interested in what they promise. It’s very good. This is evidenced, in particular, by the absence of "parachutists". Withdrawal of candidates here is done correctly and not for the PR. Here, the withdrawal of opposition candidates really adds chances for other opposition candidates.

On the other hand, the use of black PR by former mayors adversely affect the international image of Ukraine."

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