8708 violations of the requirements of fire safety rules revealed in the churches

On the eve of the Easter celebration the State Department workers of the Technical Security in Transcarpathian region made unscheduled inspection of the fire condition in the religious buildings where the celebration will take place.
The implementation of the appropriate measures is not accidental, because a large number of people are to visit temples these holidays. In addition, during the liturgy priests and faithful use open fire which is extremely dangerous with the significant crowding of people.
Inspectors paid special attention to the conformity to requirements of the fire protection of the evacuation ways, serviceability and the reliability of the existing power supply and the stove heating, the presence of the initial fire fighting devices and the observance of the fire protection regime.
The example may serve the accident that took place in the village Zavydovo in the Mukachevo district on June 18 where due to the electrical short circuit the Dormition Orthodox Church, built in 1860, fire broke out.
Overall 895 objects were checked where there were revealed 8708 cases of violation of the fire safety rules. The most typical violations are related to the installation and operation of electrical equipment and stove heating, the lack or the failure of the fire technology, inadequacy of the fire safety rules of the people evacuation ways and the absence of the sufficient number of the original means of putting out fire. Seventeen people were fined according to the prescription of the State Fire Department.
During the inspection priests and everyone who have any duties in the temples were given full briefing. Rescuers urged priests and believers to be careful when using the open fire during the holiday services.
Stuff of the Department of the State Technical Security in Transcarpathia hope that the clergy and people will carry out all the measures to prevent the fire and none of the temples will suffer from the destructive consequences of fire.

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