80-centimeter layer of ore did not conceal from the border guards 5 boxes of cigarettes

Today (05.04.13) at the international railway crossing point "Pavlove" on the Ukrainian-Slovak border during the joint customs and border guard control they found in one of the 45 freight train cars 2,500 packs of cigarettes hidden from customs control.

The train was heading from the city ofKryvy Rih to the Slovak town of Kosice loaded with "sintering ore concentrate." While checking the cars, customs officials with border guards noticed gaps on the surface of the load in one of the carriages. Thus, by using probes and shovels, at the depth of 80 cm they found 5 boxes of tobacco products "Jin Ling" without Ukrainian tax stamps.

Due to the absence of the owner of hidden goods and persons involved in their illegal transportation across the border, a protocol on violation of customs regulations was not drawn up, but the goods were seized and put for storage in customs warehouse.

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