8 years in prison and confiscation of property for the robbery of entrepreneurs

Prosecution in court proved the guilt of the members of an organized criminal group (two Transcarpathians and one resident of Kirovohrad region) in preparation for the commission of a robbery, who then, by the judgment of Khust District Court, were sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Pre-trial investigation revealed that those persons had previously organized themselves into a group to commit a robbery of entrepreneurs who were dealing in foreign currency exchange.
However, already on the way to the place of crime, the criminals were detained by the police, so they they failed to realize their plans. During the detention, the police found three grenades that are classified as munitions and other edged weapons. 

"Thus, the prosecutors at the trial proved that the defendants had committed an offense under Part 2 of Article 15 and Part 4 of Art.187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – attempted appropriation of another person’s property in a large scale, combined with violence dangerous to life and health of the person attacked or with threat of such violence, committed by an organized group upon prior agreement, and the court rendered a just verdict, which corresponds to the gravity of the crime" – the prosecutor concluded.


Розбійний напад Хуст 10.11
Розбійний напад Хуст 27.10.11
Розбійний напад Хуст 27. 10.11

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