8 reasons to fall in love with Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

Ukrainian central TV channel seem to have started an active campaign to promote local tourist attractions. The 1+1 included Uzhgorod to the morning guide by making a commercial. In turn, the Novy channel compiled a list of 8 wonders of Transcarpathia, which you should definitely see this summer.

Here, you can climb the highest mountain and see the most beautiful lake in Ukraine, stroll along the longest lime avenue in Europe and admire the smallest Statue of Liberty in the world.

Nevytsky Castle

It is located on the mountain 12 km from Uzhgorod, near the village of Kamyanytsya. It was built in the XII century.   

It started to develop as a defensive structure in the thirteenth century.Hungarian, French, Italian troops tried to capture it. In 1644, in another conflict, the castle was destroyed by Transylvanian governor Gyorgy I Rakoczi.

For several centuries the fortress stayed in ruins. Only in the second half of the XIX century, people returned there – the ruins became a favorite spot of recreation for Uzhgorod residents. A lime avenue with a fountain was made in the castle, a bridge across the Uzh was built, the towers were restored, and in the courtyard they would conduct festivities and stage plays.

How to get there. By car or by bus. Buses depart from Uzhgorod every 15-20 minutes.


Ukrainian window to Europe, one of the largest and most beautiful historic centers of the country. Here, you can find the longest lime avenue in Europe, and the smallest Statue of Liberty in the world. And of course, magnificent examples of architecture – Uzhgorod Castle, Holy Cross Cathedral, the House of Gizella…

In addition, you can walk the hundred-year-old and hundred-meter-long pedestrian stone bridge over the Uzh. It is believed that if you make a wish while crossing it, it will come true.

Palanok Castle

It is located in Mukachevo. One of the best preserved castles of Ukraine. It is the home of Transylvanian princes Rakoczy.

It was built on a 65-meter-high volcanic mountain in the XI century. For a long time, it was considered impregnable.  Austrian troops managed to make the garrison surrender only by cheating, after three years of unsuccessful siege.


This small village in Transcarpathian region became famous for its… vats. Huge metal containers filled with water are heated on open fire.The baths are located along the Turychka river.

The water in Lumshory vats is special – with a high content of hydrogen sulphide and minerals. It is not suitable for drinking, but bathing in it is very beneficial.

The first mention of therapeutic bathing in Lumshory date back to 1600. The healing water was heated using hot boulders submerged in oak containers. Later they were replaced with cast iron ones, but one of those still exist.

How to get there. By car or by bus. Buses depart from Uzhgorod three times a day: 7:50, 14:00, 17:25.

Synevyr Lake

Synevyr is a highlight of Ukrainian Carpathians, located in the Transcarpathian region at an altitude of almost a thousand meters. It is called the most beautiful lake in Ukraine.

According to the legend, the lake got its name from the names of a blue-eyed princess and a shepherd who were in love with each other. Her name was Syn, his name was Vyr. To prevent their marriage, the prince killed Vyr, and tears from the eyes of Syn formed the whole lake.

The Synevyr lake was formed thousands of years ago, when landslides blocked a river valley, not letting water out of it.  The average depth of the lake is 10-12 meters, the maximum depth is 24 meters. The water is very clean, it looks bright blue.

How to get there. By car – first get to the town of Mizhhirya. From there, through the village of Synevyrska Polyana, to the lake itself. Buses from Uzhgorod or Mukachevo to Mizhhirya depart every hour. Getting from there to Synevyrska Polyana is more difficult. There is only one bus a day, at 07:45. A more easy way is by taxi.


The highest point of Ukraine – 2061 meters, part of the Montenegrin ridge, which includes several peaks over two thousand meters high.

Translated from the Hungarian, "Goverla" means a snow mountain. The top of it indeed can be covered with snow even in summer, and there may be avalanches.

The top of the Goverla is a small flat platform. In clear weather, you can see the surrounding mountains from there, including those located in Romania, many villages and even cities.  The Prut river originates on the slopes of the Goverla. Near the top, it falls from the 80 meter height, forming the Prut waterfall.

The most popular route – from the "Zaroslyak" tourist center located a few kilometers from Vorokhta. You can get to the center by car or in a tourist group.


The picturesque town in Transcarpathian region with unique thermal springs. Mineralized water in Beregovo springs from the depths of one thousand meters. Near the earth’s surface, its temperature is 55 degrees. In a special pool it cools down to 36-38 degrees and remains so at any time of year. It is good for diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system. Similar springs can be found only in a few locations on Earth. Apart from Transcarpathia, those are far away Iceland, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and New Zealand.

Shypot Waterfall

It is located near the village of Pylypets in Transcarpathian region. One of the most beautiful in Transcarpathia. 
The water flows into it from picturesque Borzhava and cascades from 14-meter height. The best time to admire Shypot is spring, after the melting of snow, or autumn, when the rainy season begins. Then, it is the most affluent and powerful.

How to get there. By car or by bus. Buses depart from Uzhgorod or Mukachevo every hour and a half.

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