8,755,000 people crossed customs borders of Transcarpathia last year

Last year, over 8 million 755 thousand people crossed customs borders of Transcarpathia. In addition, during 2013, nearly 4 million vehicles and about 25 thousand tons of cargo went through the checkpoints. In particular, compared with the same period of 2012, the total number of citizens crossing the customs border of Ukraine increased by 410 thousand, vehicles – by more than 74 thousand, cargo – by more than 880 thousand tons.

Measures conducted by the Ministry of income and taxes in customs policies are aimed to ensure a comfortable and quick border crossing and reduction of time for customs formalities. In particular, they have set time limits for customs officers to perform control of passenger cars, buses, trucks and air transport. Also, the average time for customs clearance of goods under customs declarations in the export and transit modes has been reduced – the information and communication department of the Main Office of the Ministry of Income in Transcarpathian region reported.

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