8,000 packs of cigarettes did not get to Romania

Three Ukrainians tried to move from Ukraine more than 8,000 packs of cigarettes


The batch of contraband cigarettes was found yesterday by border guards of the department "Dilove" of the Mukachevo Detachment near the border with Romania.

A border patrol noticed tracks leading toward the border late in the evening. Soon, during the search of possible offenders, border guards detained a citizen of Ukraine. There were 16 boxes of cigarettes near him, around 8,000 packs in total. Currently, further search of other persons involved in the offense is being conducted.

Also, cigarettes were found and seized from two citizens of Ukraine at checkpoints. Border guards of the Lviv detachment found 250 packs of cigarettes at the checkpoint "Uhryniv", and at the checkpoint "Porubne", border guards of the Chernivtsi detachment found 150 packs of cigarettes. Besides the cigarettes, cars "Renault" and "Volkswagen", in the floor and the fuel tank of which caches were found, were seized from the violators.

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