700 liters of diesel fuel spilled in national park in Velikiy Berezny district

During the repair work on replacement of the main product pipeline of SE "PrikarpatZapadtrans" 700 liters of diesel fuel leaked outside the village of Uzhok in Velikiy Berezny district. The emergency happened on the territory of Uzhansky National Park.

Fortunately, oil didn’t get into a mountain stream that flows into the river Uzh. There was also no need for the population to leave the place.
It took rescuers half an hour to stop the leakage of diesel fuel. Now SE "PrikarpatZapadtrans" staff is working on cleaning the park from the remnants of petroleum, the area of ​​the park is approximately 80 m ².
To eliminate the effects of the accident three pieces of equipment and 10 people from the SE "PrikarpatZapadtrans" were involved. In addition, the environmental inspection staff also took part in it – said State Industrial Safety Management in Transcarpathian region.

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