500 liters of oil leaked in Transcarpathia due to unauthorized insert in the oil pipeline ‘Druzhba’

The operational coordination center of MOE received information on July 19, at 11.10 a.m. that oil leaking into ameliorative channel of 0.5-1 m width was revealed during the inspection of the pipeline ‘Druzhba’ between the villages of Ruska and Chopivtsi at 10 a.m.  

MOE employees drove at the scene. As it turned out, oil leaking occurred due to rubber pipe of high pressure break that has been illegally embedded in the oil pipeline. Number of spilled oil is up to 500 liters.

Emergency teams created an earth embankment within 400 meters from the place of a breakthrough in order to prevent the spread of substance in the channel. Leaking of oil from the pipeline was stopped by the valve on the floor of pipeline.

There is no threat to environment. 3 emergency crews and 20 oil pipeline ‘Druzhba’ employees worked at the scene. They are cleaning the territory from the petroleum products’ remnants.

The leadership department of the Ministry for Emergencies in Mukachevo and Mukachevo district, the state Firefighting and Rescue part number 2, operative-investigation group of Mukachevo District MIA, leading inter Mukachevo Water Management Authority and the oil pipeline ‘Druzhba’, employees of the State Ecological Inspectorate drove at the scene.

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