50 sakuras are to blossom in Beregovo

On Tuesday, April 3, 50 Japanese cherry trees were planted in Beregovo. They had been presented to the town by the minister of MES, the regional council deputy Viktor Baloga. The chairman of the regional council Ivan Baloga, mayor Istvan Gaydosh and his deputies Olga Bizilya and Gabor Kinch, the chairman of the District Council Andrey Bigar, the deputies of the regional and city council and members of the public joined the event too.

Japanese cherries were planted in Heroev Square, at the post office and in the square of ​​Ferenc Rákóczi II, the press office of the regional council reports.

Ivan Baloga, while planting the cherries, expressed confidence that the citizens would take care of them. ‘Sakuras adorn our region and we are intended to continue this tradition, every time expanding the geography. Very soon these trees will decorate our cities. We try to involve the public to this activity, especially the youth. We must educate the young generation in sincere love for nature, for its homeland,’ said Ivan Baloga.

Berehovo city mayor Istvan Gaydosh believes that such ‘Saturday workdays’ should be held more frequently, moreover now when Beregovo is positioning itself as a European tourist town. ‘I would like to express gratitude on behalf of the town community to Viktor Baloga for seedlings of Japanese cherry. Landscaping in the city will continue since improvement of public services is one of our main targets’, said Istvan Gaydosh.


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