50 cartridges were found in the car of Slovak citizen by Chop border guards

The Slovak citizen on the passenger car ‘Opel’ of Slovak registration arrived at the border-customs checkpoint ‘Malyy Bereznyy’ last night. He chose the ‘green corridor’ line for the border crossing.

Suspicions of the possible prohibited substances and goods transfer across the state border were aroused during the border control passage by Slovak.

The depth vehicle review was initiated by the border guards in the cooperation with customs representatives, proceeding from the analysis of this situation. As a result, there were found 50 made of metal cartridges of 9-mm caliber, yellow in color of Czech Republic production in the factory package that were hidden in the gloves compartment in front part of the car. Cartridges are removed.

Border guards detected and suspended 2 attempts of illegal state border crossing by Ukrainians, who tried to cross the state border under invalidated documents at ‘Tysa’ checkpoint. The court will make the decision concerning our dwellers liability, which could draw them to the administrative responsibility with the fine payment in the amount from 1700 up to 3400 hryvnia each, – informs the press service of Chop border. 

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