50 athletes with disabilities will take part in the billiards championship of Ukraine

This was announced at press center "Transcarpathia" by the organizers of the sporting event – the head of the Transcarpathian center of Ukrainian Federation of Sports for Disabled with Lesions of the Musculoskeletal System, Oleksandr Lyzanets and head of the Transcarpathian regional organization "Invasport" Andriy Chehil. 
The Billiards Championship of Ukraine will be held for the third time. According to Oleksandr Lyzanets, the tournament is held among disabled with lesions of musculoskeletal system, who are divided into 2 groups: the so-called "chair users" and "standing." The competition will be held from the 21st to the 23rd of October. The official opening will take place at 10:00 in the bar "NEO". To date, as noted by Oleksandr Lyzanets, 50 athletes from 18 regions have signed for the championship. 
Transcarpathian team will be represented by ten members.  
In Transcarpathia pool is not very common. According to Andriy Chehil, today it is cultivated in Vynogradiv and Uzhgorod. But, according to the head of "Invasport", there is little hope that one day this sport will be a Paralympic and, thus, will be able to evolve by receiving some substantial funds. However, among Transcarpathian disabled athletes there are those that demonstrate results on par with the healthy ones.  
Those who wish to participate in the championship, can call the organizers by the telephone: 61-43-24, 67-17-83.

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