“4ysla” presented video for the song “Christmas”

Transcarpathian band "4ysla" offers a little bit of Christmas holidays. The video for the song "Christmas" was presented by the guys in the press center "Transcarpathia", and a few hours later it appeared on the band’s official website at http://www.4isla.com.ua/

According to the band members, with this song they would like to congratulate their friends, fans and all Transcarpathians. The video for the song which was shot on Teatralna Square in Uzhgorod was edited by the lead singer Hennadiy Donetsky.  

"When we decided to make a clip, we failed to realize any idea that we had planned. Then literally half an hour before, we announced that we would be shooting a clip and invited all comers.We did not know who would come. And at that time we did not even have a camera man. And also it was about to rain. Then it turned out that there was a tour there. Then we decided: let it be as it is. We wanted to gather people, and to make it feel genuine," – said the band member Stanislav Kopcha.

The people who were not afraid of the promised rain and came on Teatralna Square participated in the shooting. "Then we filmed in the puppet theater and in the house of our friends.Also we used some shots from the parade of Mikolajczyks," – said Hennadiy Donetsky. According to him, the budget of the film was very tight, as it was made by friends and just good people. In total, the budget was no more than 500 UAH, which was spent for Bengal lights, firecrackers, confetti and so on.


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