48 cartons of cigarettes, hidden from the customs control, caused a foreigner to lose her BMW 320D

The attempt of a Hungarian medical worker to carry hidden tobacco products (almost a whole box) across the border and make a profit on their resale, caused the loss of not only goods, but also the vehicle for their illegal transportation. Thus, for violation of customs laws the foreigner faces sanctions in the form of absolute value penalty, as well as confiscation of cigarettes and the car in which they were hidden.
Today, December 11, at about two in the morning a female citizen of Hungary driving a BMW 320D arrived at the ​​customs post "Luzhanka", choosing the "green corridor" to pass the control. However Chop inspectors decided to send the vehicle to the observation deck for an in-depth inspection.  
 Then, in a constructive cavity of the bumper they found 450 packs of cigarettes "Fest 7" of Belarusian production, packed in black plastic bags. Behind the dismantled panel of the luggage compartment under the rear window of the car they found 23 packs of cigarettes of the same brand. And checking the baby seat in the cabin, the customs officers found 9 more hidden packs of tobacco products. As the woman admitted, she had purchased cigarettes in Beregovo and hid them in the car to carry them freely to the territory of Hungary for resale.
For committing a violation of customs regulations, provided by Part 1 of Art. 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the protocol was written against the foreigner. Hidden 482 packs of cigarettes and the car worth about 82 thousand hryvnias were seized until the court decision – informed Victoria Senhetovska, spokeswoman for the Chop customs.

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