“4 paws” and “Barbos” have caught and sterilized 40 stray dogs in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

At the beginning of this week, the organization "4 paws" started working in Uzhgorod to help solve the problem of stray animals by sterilizing them, the Prozahid.com informs. Workers of the organization catch animals in the streets, sterilize them and after a short rehabilitation release them at the spot where they were caught. Surgeries are performed at the animal shelter maintained by the animal protection organization "Barbos".

The "Barbos" reported that during the first week they had caught 40 dogs in the streets.   Thus, they have caught dogs at the outskirts of Uzhgorod, near the factory "Turbogaz", the market on Krasnodontsi Street, the Novy neighbourhood, Lavrischev, Stantsiyna streets and so on. Next week, the volunteers will continue working in the "Shakhta" neighbourhood, near the "drunken" market, Domanyntsi, more. If anyone wants to report about an unsterilized stray dog, living in your neighbourhood, you can do it by calling 0664880480.

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