360 liters of home-brewed vodka was not allowed to Russia

At the customs post "Ďakovo" in the Chop ​​Customs jurisdiction, 364 liters of home brew was seized from a citizen of Serbia, who tried to illegally transport liquor in cans to Russia via Ukraine.

The 50-year-old driver was traveling in transit from Serbia to Russia through Ukrainian-Romanian border loaded with "glazing and aluminum structures." During an oral questioning the foreigner confirmed the information stated in the customs declaration and denied the presence of any other goods that are subject to taxation.

However, when checking the vehicle customs officers found in the side boxes of the semitrailer, under the semitrailer on a wooden deck, and in the driver’s cabin a few plastic containers with liquid of transparent yellow color with a smell of alcohol, totaling 365 liters.  According to the driver, it was a home brew, which he was carrying at the request of his friend to Russia (the cost of 1 liter of strong drink in Serbia is 0.5 euros).

So, scince he did not declare in the prescribed manner a precise information about the goods transported across the customs border of Ukraine, which are restricted to import and in such amount are subject to a written declaration, the protocol has been written in respect of the citizen of Serbia under Article 472 of CCU. Customs officers allowed the driver to carry into the territory of Ukraine 1 liter of alcoholic beverages, as provided by the domestic law, the remaining alcohol was seized.

Source: Victoria Senhetovska, a spokeswoman for Chop Customs

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