350,000 UAH in 100 days

Uzhgorod volunteers reported on supporting the military

During the 100 days of the activity of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers, volunteers managed not only to collect several tons of food, but also to buy a lot of important devices for the military.

The first campaign to collect food in a supermarket in the regional center of Transcarpathia was held in late May, it was kind of a continuation of winter campaigns to collect food for the soldiers, which in February was organized by the mother of a soldier. However, the volunteers, the majoruty of whom are journalists, could not stop on just food because the situation in the country was deteriorating.

As the movement organizer Galina Yartseva told the "Den", at first no one was intending to raise funds, everybody hoped that the conflict would be exhausted soon. However, there were those who would bring the money to volunteers saying, "Buy what they need, I trust you." "Thus, a certain Mr. Bogdan was seeking for us in the city to give money and advised to open card accounts for donations," – Mrs. Galina said. Later, one of the NGOs provided the room for storage.

The were so many people willing to help, that volunteers of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers managed to organize and hold several charity events. The most famous of them is "Buy a picture – Support Transcarpathian soldiers." Many well-known Transcarpathian artists joined the campaign and gave their paintings for sale. Thus volunteers managed to raise over 110,000 UAH for the purchase of optical devices.

The campaigns "Photo of a patriot" and "Buy a date – help the military" were also very popular, within a few weeks, they raised over 35,000 UAH.

Overall, for the entire period, the volunteers raised 350,000 UAH. For these money, they have purchased such important things as a night sight and night binoculars, 15 collimator sights with leaves, 20 night vision devices, 14 tablets, over four hundred tactical glasses, mats, flashlights, generators, chainsaws, daytime binoculars and radios sets. Also, a lot of medicines and clothes has been purchased.

Volunteers of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers not only raise funds for the military, but also earn them by selling souvenirs with the logo of the Movement – Transcarpathian bear in military ammunition.

Source – Den

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