23 boxes of contraband cigarettes were found at the border

Yesterday, border guards of the "Salovka" department of the Chop border guard detachment arrested 23 boxes of cigarettes.

In the first case, border guards, a few hundred meters from the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, found and detained six men without documents, who tried to illegally carry across the border 13 boxes of cigarettes Jing Ling.

A few hours later, the story of the attempt to illegally carry cigarettes across the border was repeated, with the only difference that border guards of "Salovka" department found on the bank of the Tisa river 2 men without documents with 10 boxes of Belarusian cigarettes "Fest".

The offenders were brought to the unit in order to make administrative and procedural documents. The cigarettes were delivered to employees of the Chop customs.

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