Uzhgorod tales from Oleksandr Hereshko (PHOTOS)


“Every year, at this time, the old Halahov reminds of itself with elegant pink spots among its strict buildings. And then, even gloomy people understand that in a serious life there are frivolous moments when the reason gives in to the heart. It will take several days and the Halahov will become haughty and formal again. But the memory of pink waves among grayness will remind: it will not always be like this! And we patiently wait for the next miracle that once again will fill life with special meaning,” – with this atmospheric text under appropriate photo of Uzhgorod, one can easily immerse oneself in a fantastic atmosphere. This is how Transcarpathian Oleksandr Hereshko sees our city.

How Transcarpathians celebrated Easter in ancient times (PHOTO)


Century old photographs depicting Transcarpathians celebrating Easter have been posted online. Text of a known researcher of history of Transcarpathia, anthropologist and literary critic Yuriy Zhatkovych (1855-1920) can be added to them as a comment.

We do not choose the time in which we’re living…


“We do not choose the time in which we’re living. And it does not choose us. However, we can almost always consciously choose values. But people are dependent in it: as children – on their families, then – on society. And the society is dependent on time…