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Tomorrow, the best swimmers of Transcarpathia will be competing in Uzhgorod (Program)


On Saturday, November 30, the swimming championship of Transcarpathian region will be held in Uzhgorod.

This was announced by the head of the Aquatics Sports Federation of Transcarpathian region Robert Levitsky.

He said that the best young swimmers in Transcarpathia will participate in the competition. The competition will be among boys and girls born 2006-1996 and older. In total, about 210 athletes are expected.

The competition begins at 09.00, the workout – at 08.30.

The venue: sports complex “Burevisnyk”.

The competition program:

8:00 – 8:30 – the registration of competitors

8:30 – 8:55 – workout

9:00 – alignment

9:05 – 9:25 – guest appearances

9:25 – 9:30 – introduction to the program of the events (by the Chief Justice D. Muratova)

9:30 – start of the competition

12:00 -13:00 – awarding of winners

13:00 – closing ceremony

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Sinoptik: Weather in Uzhgorod and Transcarpathian region for weekend, November 30 and December 1


On weekend, the weather in Transcarpathian region will be partly cloudy. On Saturday, in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Beregovo, Svalyava, Vynogradiv, Khust, Mizhhirya, Rakhiv there may be snow. On Sunday, there will be dry weather in the region. The air temperature at night will be -6 … 0 degrees, during the day – from -3 to +5 degrees. Variable wind, 1-3 m / s. Next week will start with variable cloudiness, drizzle.

Mobilization to Kyiv! (Announcement)


Transcarpathians are called to the Maidan. In Kyiv. In social networks, they are distributing flyers with the following text: “Mobilization to Kyiv! We are looking for those who care and want to go to Kyiv Maidan. Car owners, who are willing to transport people to Kyiv. Patrons, sponsors and anyone willing to help with money to purchase diesel fuel, petrol, tents, food, warm clothing, etc.”.

The registration is carried out in the Eurotent on Teatralna Sq. in Uzhgorod or by phone 093 700 45 15

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Electronic railway tickets are available for another ten night trains


The Ukrainian Railways have increased the number of night trains which can be boarded with electronic tickets. They can be purchased on the official website of the UZ, and these e-tickets can be printed out by the passengers and do not require to collect travel documents at the box office. This was reported by the press center of the company.