201,99 kg carp! The best result of the competition (PHOTOS)

Three days competition in carp fishing sport finished on the sports pond near the village of Myklashiv in Lviv region.14 teams from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Transcarpathian regions came together in the competition for the main prizes. The Transcarpathian regional fishing sport federation held the competition.

The team ‘7lb’ (Lyubomyr Malenevych, Roman Pinakh) from the city of Bolekhiv Ivano-Frankivsk region showed the best result (201.99 kg). The second place was taken by ‘A Big Difference’ (Mykhaylo Borzov, Anton Chaykovskyi, Oleksii Myhalko) from Uzhgorod (172.41) and the third became the ‘Parovoz’ (Mykhailo Dolynych, Vasyl Monastyrskyi) – 144.12. The fishermen who caught three the heaviest fish, carp which is called ‘Scar’ and the biggest fish were also noted. In particular, the largest carp was caught by the ‘Tykhyi Omut’ team’s members (Olexander Selesh, Yuriy Bobonych and Victor Yanishevskyi), and the ‘Scar’ was caught by ‘A Big Difference.’


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