20-meter high fir tree fell onto the roof during storm in Uzhgorod (PHOTO)

On Saturday, May 12, in Uzhgorod due to the strong wind a 20-meter high old fir tree broke and fell onto the roof of a nearby dwelling house. The emergency occurred at the address Bercheni street, 43, said Zakarpattya online.

Having arrived at the place, rescuers quickly coped with the problem – they carefully sawed the tree, which was still dangerous to passers-by.

The damage caused by the fallen tree is estimated at tens of thousands of hryvnia.

What is important, in Uzhgorod there are a lot of such trees growing next to private houses. However, few owners know that to "eliminate" them, without waiting for the problems, they can address the same rescuers by phone 67-35-91.


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