2.5 million hryvnia medical equipment presented to the newborns in Irshava

Today, April 3, Irshava district hospital was supplemented with the latest diagnostic and medical equipment. It was presented to the doctors by the Minister of Emergency Situations Viktor Baloga and the member of the Regional Council Pavel Baloga.

Together with the doctors of Irshava district, the Chairman of the Regional Council Ivan Baloga, the Chairman of the District Council Stanislav Sukhan, the head of the RGA Viktor Feher, city mayor Stepan Bobyk , the Regional Council deputy Maxim Khokhlov and the members of District Council also took part in the event.


Maternity ward in Irshava District Hospital was opened last year in August. It has been actively built since 2006 at both the state treasury’s and the region’s expense. The total cost of the work is slightly over 7.7 million hryvnia. The ward has a space for 38 beds. There are equipped operating rooms as well as single wards which have bathrooms, showers and special beds. The conditions are met for the introduction of the new technologies recommended by the World Association of Gynaecologists and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.


As the head of Irshava Regional Hospital maternity ward Vasiliy Jakubiec states,  each year in the hospital about 1300 infants are born. And every year the number of births is increasing. In about 60 cases a year the labour is premature. Until now the institution hasn’t been provided with all the necessary medical equipment. Various types of equipment designed for mothers and preterm infants have been supplied (four incubators, including one moveable, an ultrasound scanner, diagnostic equipment). The total value of it is nearly 2.5 million hryvnia. The doctor believes that the medical equipment provided by the team of Viktor Baloga, is an excellent gift for women in labour. ‘The girl who was born weighing six pounds has been nursed in one of the new incubators for the last three days. Previously such kids were sent to the regional children’s hospital. This equipment is to help save many lives. We will be able to give our mothers care which is close to the European standards’, noted Vasiliy Jakubiec.

The Deputy of the Regional Council Pavel Baloga noted that medicine still faces a lot of problems. Nowadays the priority is given to the improvement of maternal and child health which is an extremely important issue. ‘Our aim is to get rid of such an issue as infant mortality. This is our priority. Our maternity wards are in need of modern medical equipment that would help the doctors solve such problems. Therefore, such actions are taken in our region ‘, – says Pavel Baloga.


The Chairman of the Regional Council Ivan Baloga noted that the staff of Irshava District Hospital make every effort to ensure that the quality of medical care is high. ‘At some point the decision was made to complete the building. We followed the community order, and last year the institution started working. Today providing wards with modern equipment is on the agenda.    The money from the state budget was not enough that is why philanthropists gave a helping hand. Experts have confirmed that they can improve health care. We should care about the health of the nation, especially that of infants’- Ivan Baloga concluded.

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