19-year-old Uzhgorod citizen robbed four cars in one night

Mukachevo city police department in Transcarpathian region opened a criminal case against a19-year-old Uzhgorod citizen, who robbed 4 cars in one night.

Only three months ago, Vitaly was released from prison, where he had been serving sentence for a series of thefts, and now once again he was caught “red-handed” by the patrol officers. As he later confessed to the police, he was not going to rob the cars, but having drunk too much, he remembered the old skills, and then went for it.

The Uzhgorod citizen worked with the same pattern: broke the glass of the driver’s door with a screwdriver, then opened the door through the broken window and pulled everything that he could sell out of the car. The guy managed to steal three car radios, a GPS-navigator, and a spare wheel. But he didn’t manage to put everything into his car: Mukachevo Police City Department arrived at the scene and arrested the thief. As it turned out later, the police had been called by an attentive dweller of one of the houses, who saw a suspicious young man walking around at the car park.

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