17 people hospitalized from a restaurant have salmonella

As of 10:00. August 26, the total number of hospitalized persons, who on August 20 visited the hotel-restaurant complex, where a mass poisoning happened, has increased by one person (now the total number is 21 persons), the official website of the "Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center of the MoH of Ukraine" informs.

According to the regional clinical infectious diseases hospital, general state of the patients is satisfactory, 17 of the hospitalized people were diagnosed with salmonellosis which was confirmed in a laboratory. Laboratory studies for 2 patients hospitalized in the Lviv regional clinical infectious diseases hospital and 1 patient, who is in the infectious diseases department of Mukachevo district hospital, are ongoing.

Samples taken at the hotel-restaurant complex and from contact persons were tested in the microbiological laboratory of Uzhgorod city and district branch of the "Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center of the MoH of Ukraine". Based on the results of the laboratory tests, salmonella pathogen was found in the container, where poultry was kept, and in an employee of the restaurant. The investigation continues…

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