17,000 donors is the current need in Transcarpathia

From September 15 to November 15, the campaign "Save the life of a child" took place in the western regions of Ukraine to collect supplies of blood for children with cancer.

Maria Fantych, the Head of the Transcarpathian regional donor blood transfusion station told the Novyny Zakarpattya that she was impressed that young people were actively donating. But it would be better if such campaign were not short-term but constant. It turns out that if every healthy person, at least once a year, donated the minimum amount of blood, it would solve all the problems and would fully provide our hospitals.

According to the doctor, every day, 10-15 people donate blood at the regional blood transfusion station. However, this is not enough. In general, M.Fantych says, the region currently needs 17,000 donors.

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