160 hryvnia per liter of blood

Even though 90% of people donate their blood voluntarily without getting rewards in Transcarpathia there are those who can make money from donation.
As the doctor of the Regional Blood Transfusion Station Oleg Shchadey said, nowadays a liter of the “red” costs 160 hryvnia. ‘The physiological norm of donation is 450 ml of blood, plus we pay extra 14 hryvnias for food. As a result, for one donation person may “earn” nearly 100 hryvnia.”
As the WHO recommends, men can give their blood no more than 3, and women – 4 times a year. Donor can be any healthy competent person over 18 and weight not less than 50 kilograms.
The most blood is needed in cases of injuries, surgical diseases, in obstetrics and gynecology. But there is a significant lack of blood of rare groups – III, IV Rhesus negative.

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