16,000 cartons of cigarettes woth more than a million were seized at “Luzhanka”

Yesterday, late in the evening, inspectors of the customs post "Luzhanka" of the Chop customs together with employees of Mukachevo border guard detachment prevented illegal attempt to carry a large consignment of cigarettes – almost 16,000 cartons, hidden in a truck.

The truck belonging to a Hungarian carrier driven by our compatriot was transporting from Mukachevo the cargo "scrap of unprocessed goods for processing" and "plastic components for the transportation of materials", weighing 402 kg. Based on the analysis, risks and design features of the vehicle, it was decided to conduct a joint in-depth inspection of the vehicle.

As a result, a significantly larger amount of cargo was found. After unloading of all available goods, officers of the customs post found hidden tobacco products «L & M red label» without excise stamps in the amount of 3706 cartons, «Viceroy blue» – 80 cartons, «Viceroy red» – 2600 cartons, «Classic blue» – 3638 cartons and «Classic red» – 5958 cartons. The cigarettes were packed in cardboard boxes and wrapped in plastic film. 

Currently the customs officers are conducting inventory of the hidden tobacco products. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of illegal cigarettes is 1.2 million hryvnias, which will be confiscated. 


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