15 health professionals assisted the triplets delivery in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The first triplets for this year were born in Uzhgorod perinatal center.  The family of Romanyuks from Rakhiv district was replenished with two boys and one girl.  The fact that instead of one child there will be three the couple knew from the 5th week of pregnancy. 
Happy mother says that four families among her relatives had twins. But triplets occured for the first time. Pregnancy was running under the supervision of doctors. 
The head of the 2nd maternity department Anatoly Kutsyna was serving the delivery two years ago when Olesya brought a daughter. But the birth of triplets in his words is a true wonder and mystery of nature.  He said that mother was assisted by 15 medical experts during labor! 
  The Head of the neonatal unit Joseph Buhir noted that the kids were born at slightly earlier term, however, they avoided any risks and complications that often accompany such births. 
Now the mom and kids feel good. Soon, in a week or two, when children gain proper weight, they will be discharged home to their native villageLuh at Rakhiv district.

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