14 Transcarpathian student-athletes will receive tuition assistance from the regional budget

  For this purpose, 50,000 UAH is provided in the region.

According to the Program of the development of physical culture and sports in the region in 2012 – 2016, university students, who are the best athletes of Transcarpathia, will be partially reimbursed the tuition fee in the academic year 2014 – 2015.

This year, 14 athletes, who were recognized as the best in their sports, were nominated for financial support from the government. The Competition Commission decided to support all athletes and agreed to provide 75% of the amount to be paid under their training contracts.

"Given the limited funds – only 50,000 UAH is provided in the budget for the first half-year – currently it is not possible to pay the full cost of tuition for those students, – the Head of Youth and Sports Department Denys Man said. Now we are working to determine athletes who will receive scholarships of the head of the RSA and the Chairman of the Regional Council. Thus we motivate athletes to bring good results and be members of national teams of Ukraine", – the official said, adding that in autumn the best athletes and coaches of Transcarpathia would be awarded with special prizes.

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