13-year-old sisters robbed a warehouse

In Vinogradiv two local 13-year old schoolgirl sisters stole from a warehouse a hammer, flex and electric cable. Officers of Criminal Investigation Department detained young thieves, and seized the evidence the crime. However, the sisters will probably escape criminal responsibility, as they are under 14 years. Nevertheless, if these teenagers continue to steal other people’s property, they are not going to avoid prison …

    Also near the famous Uzhgorod pizza house, patrol officers detained at dawn three young women, who ripped from the ground a decorative thuja tree. They were 24 and 27-year old residents of Uzhgorod and a 27-year resident of Volivets. What young women needed stolen thuja for will be determined by the investigation, all three now face criminal liability for theft – said the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. 

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