13 old printed books will remain in Ukraine thanks to the customs officers

Hungarian citizen who has managed to transport 13 old Hungarian books dating back 1890 year without any permits through ‘green corridor’ was exposed by the Chop customs officers.

56-year old man, returning by car from Beregovo (Transcarpathian region) to Hungary deliberately chose the simplified regime at the customs checkpoint area ‘Luzhanka’. He affirmed his good faith to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border in this way. But inspectors decided to check the Hungarian on compliance with the customs law and inspected the car. On the back seat they found 13 ancient books dated from 1890 up to 1938 in Budapest that were not declared in the prescribed manner and without any permissive documents for exportation from the territory of Ukraine. The collection of literary publications was in quite poor condition. According to the foreigner he has found the printed rarities in the attic of his friend and carried them home in order to restore.

Therefore, the protocol for violation of customs regulations based on the article 339 against the citizen of Hungary was made. The relevant experts will provide the assessment of historical books in the near future, and books are removed from the Hungarian till the court decision. – informs Viktoriia Sengetovska, the Chop customs press secretary.

For reference: According to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Order from 22.04.2002 258 ‘On Approval of Instruction on the procedure of rights to export registration, temporary exportation of cultural property and control over their movement across the state border of Ukraine’ on the printed materials, issued before 1945 requires permission from the State Service for control. 

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