13 Magnets in Transcarpathia: Vynogradiv district

Magnet № 7, or the warmest district of Transcarpathia – Vynogradiv. Many sunny days, high rainfall rate made Vynogradiv district a vegetable and fruit mecca, an ideal place to grow grapes, and now also an eco-land.

In particular, there is a truly unique place where people come to from all over the world to taste "lekvar", our local delicacy. And also juices, syrups and even meat products, also eco-friendly. Here, you can also see a dozen varieties of jam from around the world in the local museum. So the village of Botar has something to boast.

музей варення

Another eco-attraction of the district is a buffalo farm in the vicinity of Vynogradiv. Local products such as milk, cheese, sour cream are beneficial and, most importantly, absolutely natural. And a special bonus, for cheese-lovers, "Transcarpathian mozzarella". The product is Transcarpathian, but the production traditions are Italian.


If you want to try a real juice, without preservatives and dyes, and also very tasty, Vynogradiv district has something to offer. Such juices are made in Verbovets. They are recommended to children, but adults like this juice too.

But in addition to gastronomy, there is also a lot to see there: the ruins of two castles (Kankiv, Nyolab), palaces (Pereni, Fogoroshi), ancient temples (Uspensky in Novoselytsia, Reformed in Shalanky, Church of the Ascension and the Franciscan monastery in Vynogradiv), the skansen (open-air museum in Tysobyken), Borzhava narrow-gauge railway, numerous architectural monuments, in particular of the Austro-Hungarian period.

Contemplation of the magnificent monuments, local eco-products and delicious home-made wine are all good reasons to visit this land.

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