11,000 Transcarpathians received free teeth

The regional dental clinic in Uzhgorod recently received two brand new dental units. The modern equipment was purchased with funds from the regional budget under the "Program to improve dental health of the Transcarpathian region population for 2008-2012". 

Overall, for the five years of the program in the region, 114 sets of advanced dental equipment, 12 dental and one panoramic X-rays, 35 air medical sterilizers, 2 foundry plants and other dental equipment has been purchased.In order to strengthen the network of dental institutions in rural areas, as part of the program implementation, 17 new dental offices have been opened and equipped with new equipment.

Also, according to the chief physician of the regional dental clinic Rostislav Lesiv, particular attention is focused on privileged categories of population – more than 11 thousand of our countrymen received free prosthetics worth almost 9 million hryvnias. Over 337 dental hygiene stations have been arranged and operate in preschools and schools of the region. Children are taught proper brushing, given advice on healthy living, nutrition and oral health care.

Also, children’s dentists perform examinations of children, following which they conduct prevention of dental caries by applying fluoride varnishes and gels during the sanitation of oral cavity, as well teeth treatment with mineralising agents. Every year during summer vacation specialists of the regional dental clinic conduct preventive examinations of children who are on the spa treatment in the sanatorium "Malyatko", followed by treatment of dental diseases in the department of pediatric dentistry of the regional dental clinic. Every year, 500 children are examined.

Constant attention is paid to children who are deprived of parental care. All these children undergo sanitation of the oral cavity at the place of residence or studying. Also, twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, students from most Uzhgorod schools undergo planned routine examination, and, if necessary, sanitation.    

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