100 hryvnia. Isn’t that enough for you? ATMs do not give more!

Visa cardholders have faced a problem: they cannot withdraw more than 100 hryvnia per one transaction in one of the largest ATM networks. We are talking about withdrawing money from the card of a "different" bank, and the latter have already received dozens of complaints from outraged customers. The probable reason for imposing the limit, as experts explained, is the reduction of the commission fee – the sum which a financial institution, that has produced the card, pays to a bank – to the owner of the ATM network. "The fact is that the cut has indeed occurred. According to unconfirmed information, the limit is associated with this particular reason. The more transactions are, the more commission income of banks is. But, setting the maximum size of the transaction, the bank does not violate any rules" – said the President’s adviser to the Association of Ukrainian Banks Alex Kushch.

The reduction of the commission reduces incomes of the owners of large ATM networks – 52% of the ATMs belong to "PrivatBank", "Raiffeisen Bank Aval" and "Prominvestbank".

“The problem is that a servicing bank doesn’t give any notice of the introduction of limits on cash withdrawals from their ATMs. I do not see the prerequisites for other banks to introduce the same restrictions. I cannot say why this bank has begun doing so.” Alexey Kushch is confident that other banks will not agree on the limitation: "There are three major ATM networks. For other banks, this service is beneficial. And these steps for them could result in a loss of customers who will find a more liberal bank.


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