10 members of the new parliament will respresent Transcarpathia

The vote count is nearing the end. If in the Parliament of the last convocation there were 4 Transcarpathians – Stanislav Arzhevitin, Vasyl Petyovka, Serhiy Moshak, Oleksandr Kemenyash, now Transcarpathia will have 10 representatives – Vasyl Petyovka, Pavlo Baloha, Ivan Bushko, Vasyl Kovacs, Viktor Baloha, Mykhailo Lanio, Valeriy Lunchenko, Valeriy Patskan, Serhiy Moshak and Istvan Gajdos.  

 Only two of the newly elected deputies are "old" members of parliament – Vasyl Petyovka and Serhiy Moshak. However, two more "veterans" have been in the Parliament previously – Victor Baloha and Istvan Gajdos, who this time is for the Party of Regions.

Among the new faces are Valeriy Patskan from UDAR, Valeriy Lunchenko from the United Opposition, Pavlo Baloha, Ivan Bushko, Vasyl Kovacs, and Mykhailo Lanio.  

Theoretically, other Transcarpathians can get to the parliament if representatives of the party transfer from the parliamentary to other job, and thus the "queue" will move.

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